rant. read at your own will.

i work my ass off in school with all these essays, quizzes, tests, projects, analyses, assignments, notes, worksheets and studying and i dont even have time to work on college essays.

i spend an entire night doing one assignment for your class, one that i’m putting in the most work just to do the worst, and you give me a ‘0’? right behind the ‘D’ that you conveniently forgot to replace with the ‘B’ i earned in the rewrite that took me 4 hours on s a SATURDAY night? thanks for the failing grade.

i am one of your highest performing students. i take all your shit and i do everything you ask of me. i have a true, natural passion for the subject and in all of your yelling and criticism of everything we do wrong, you give me a ‘0’ for an assignment i finished and turned in 2 days EARLY because i wasn’t going to be here when they were due? i go above  and beyond, and you fail me. Thanks for that.

and a third time, i put more work into your class than 80% of your students. I do your ridiculous assignments, i dont sleep during the movies,  i write extremely insightful and well-composed papers. And you have the nerve to not excuse me from a sheet of questions for a movie i wasn’t in class to see? If you end up forcing me to watch this movie on my own time, the time i no longer have to spare, then i’m done respecting you and your joke of an elective.

fuck teachers and them not seeing how hard i fucking  work just to succeed and get into college. I’m sorry i’m required to take 7 other courses, including 3 APs, 2 honors and an advanced art course, and fill out college apps in addition to your busy work and meaningless essays and projects.

you really must not realize how rigorous your course is compared to every other staff member teaching it. you must see how unfair you’re being.

you clearly have forgotten that students are not perfect and we do take other classes. we cannot be flawless, we’re not immortal, and sometimes things are not our fault, but yours.

and you must be so insane that you really must have forgotten what its like to apply to college.

goodbye sanity.

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this is the story of a girl...

jenna patrice goldstein
17 years young
these are a few of my favorite things: music, scented candles, teal, summertime, musicals [rent], interior design, dance parties, summer camp, lace, best friends, corny jokes, and SENIOR YEAR.